December 1, 2014

Although it wasn't intentional, I found myself defending my performance when I first started writing this blog post.  I could write about each little thing that didn't go perfectly in the live performance (which is now on YouTube).  I could write about how hot the stage was, and how it affected my pitch, and how my horn is a mess despite four unsuccessful attempts to fix it, and how the stormy weather affects reeds; but the bottom line is that would be a waste of time and an even larger run-on sentence.


A week ago I had the privilege of playing a concerto with the Austin Symphonic Band.  I was excited for several reasons, the most obvious being the opportunity to be a featured soloist.  It also gave me the chance to get a great recording of my playing that I could post on the internet and be proud of.  To date, this has never happened.  I'm certainly not ashamed of my performances, but, having done so little studio recording, I have yet to play an entire piece live entirely in-tune and...

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