October 15, 2015

School is back in session!  It may still feel like summer in Texas, but we are in full-swing into another great school year.

Each fall as I start teaching a new group of eager sixth grade beginner saxophonists, I never have a shortage of enthusiasm or excitement.  They are always itching to play the WHOLE instrument, having stared at it during the summer and becoming simultaneously fascinated and overwhelmed with the number of buttons, rods, and springs.  At the start of their first private lesson, I explain that the whole instrument is awesome and very exciting, but we must first spend time playing only the mouthpiece and neck in order to develop the embouchure.

As much as I am a fan of mouthpiece exercises and include them in my own daily practice, I prefer to start the students off with the mouthpiece and neck for two reasons.  For one, it helps the student start to hear what the saxophone will sound like once the body is attached.  Secondly, it also helps the student determine t...

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