November 7, 2015

Every year during district and region audition season, I second-guess myself as a teacher.  It's rather comical that the cycle is so predictable, yet it never seems to lose momentum.  The pattern goes something like this:

1. I coach etudes ad nauseam

2. I preach the importance of slow, methodical practice

3. I meticulously scrutinize minutia so students can hear at a deeper level

4. I host a mock-audition to get kids used to the intense audition environment

5. My kids go off to their auditions

I'm rarely surprised at the results of auditions.  (Most of the time, I can anticipate a student's trajectory within five minutes of their very first lesson.)  I know which of my students get nervous and which ones thrive under the pressure of performance.  I know their sweet little idiosyncrasies better than they do.  And yet, though it is entirely out of my control and I do EVERYTHING in my power to prepare them (from making practice plans to writing specific weekly goals), I worry for them....

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