July 19, 2018

World Saxophone Congress 18 in the books! I am home now from WSC, which seems strange since I was in Zagreb, Croatia yesterday. Needless to say with the timezone change, I'm not entirely sure what day it is...

So grateful to catch up with people I met back in 2009 (Gap was forever ago!!), hear a whole lot of saxophone, eat far too much gelato, and connect with beautiful people from all around the world. And thank you, sweet friends, for rising early on Friday to hear my 9am lecture on Stage Fright in the pouring rain after a late night, and for coming back at 1pm for a panel discussion on Entrepreneurship with these two angels. Gilly Blair and Nathan Mertens, you are beyond fabulous and it was honor to speak with you both <3.

Not pictured: all of the bread I consumed during the week or the dogs I befriended.

May 20, 2018

The 2017-18 school year was my challenge to fall back in love with the PROCESS of making music, instead of focusing on results. The final installment of my "Love the Process" series is live!  Check it out here

December 9, 2017

This is some female saxophone POWER right here. 

Last week was my first concert as an official member of the Austin Saxophone Ensemble! I got to play first alto on The Nutcracker Suite arranged for 13 saxophones (!). Apologies to all my students who heard me practicing Waltz of the Flowers at 40% tempo in order to nail it at whatever speed we went in our last concert (y'all it was FASTTTT!!!!).

Thank you to these lovely ladies for sharing your talents! It's really fun to play with your favorite people :)

September 15, 2017

 In addition to being a ridiculously positive, unfailingly supportive, and compassionate beyond my comprehension, my husband is a World-Class athlete. We're talking 3x/day workouts, three sports (triathlon: swim, bike, and run), and races around the world athlete. He's the bee's knees.

In honor of his invitation to attend the World Paratriathlon Championship in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I tagged along to celebrate his awesomeness. And our 5-year anniversary. But mostly to see him race.

We got to kick around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria together. And of course, no trip within 1,000 miles of Belgium is complete with a visit to Adolphe Sax's hometown of Dinant!

So here we are: Adolphe and I. Look how happy we are!  Aww.

Today was foggy, raining, and chilly. But I made it all through the Adolphe Sax museum (which is so tiny I had to double-check we were in the right place), walked across the bridge of saxophone statues, and bought croissants from breakfast using our be...

March 3, 2017

I can't say enough about how much I LOVE this video.

Opera singer (international superstar!) Joyce DiDonato hosts a Q&A session after giving a masterclass at Juilliard for young singers aspiring to have performance careers.  The entire video is full of exceptional insight, but my favorite is her description of the critical inner voice (our internal monologue that constantly speaks even when we're performing). Not only does she explain it, but she talks about how to fight it.  

Start at 9:10 to hear her response on this.

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