Private lessons provide your child with one-on-one attention with a curriculum tailored toward their specific needs.  


Private lessons are not like academic tutoring where students take extra time because they are struggling. Although I do teach students who have had difficulty keeping up with their band programs, most of my students are at the top of their class, earning spots in district, region, and all-state band.


  • learn self-discipline to practice and be successful

    •  ​​Any musician would agree that daily practice is paramount to success. However, students often go home and practice what they already know and are good at, which leads to very little improvement.  I teach my students what they, as an individual, need to work on, as well as specific exercises that produce maximum results without wasting time.  


  • increase problem-solving skills

    • There is nothing more frustrating than trying to solve a problem you don't know how to fix.  All too often I see students walk away from music because they feel as though they are not improving.  I equip my students with the tools they need to better understand the instrument, and I give them the encouragement they need to stick with it.


  • build confidence

    • Music is a performance art.  No matter how nervous a student may feel when asked to play a solo in class or for any audition, I give them techniques to stay calm under pressure and manageable steps to take toward alleviating anxiety.

  • stay focused and increase attention span

    • By always having something to work on and a goal to work toward, students are much more likely to continue practicing when they see improvement from private lessons.  Students learn how to set manageable goals and achieve them.  Whether it's earning a spot in the top band or passing Solo and Ensemble contests, I teach students how to get to where they want to be.

  • take advantage of enduring benefits for brain development

    • Numerous studies have proved that students who take music lessons earn higher test scores in academic and extracurricular areas (an average of 19% higher in English and 17% in math compared to peers).

  • have fun!

    • It's fun to be good!  Playing well is infinitely rewarding.

For more information (including requests for private lessons),

contact me.


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