Elizabeth Rosinbum presented a fabulous lecture on entrepreneurship, leadership, and private studio organization at the University of Oklahoma during the spring 2019 semester. Her presentation was highly engaging, relevant, and I personally found her to be wonderfully relatable while sharing excellent “real-world” advice and experiences. My students responded extremely favorably, evidenced by the numerous positive conversations that they shared with me after the event. Elizabeth also spent extra time mentoring OU graduate students during her visit with the studio. Without a doubt, Elizabeth’s residency positively impacted my students and the content that she presented will help guide their professional decision making after they graduate.

— Dr. Jonathan Nichol

Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Oklahoma

The tangible benefits from Ms. Rosinbum's lecture (on performance anxiety) to my studio were immeasurable. Students continue to keep in mind insights gained during the talk, and I have unapologetically adapted several key ideas into my own teaching. Her style is engaging, her content is clear and fresh, and her demeanor made it clear that she is primarily interested in providing a real, actual benefit to studying musicians.

— Dan Gelok

Former Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Houston

Over the years, I have had the privilege to hear Elizabeth speak many times over a variety of topics and every time I leave changed. Her knowledge, passion, and genuine spirit creates an open environment that challenges and inspires growth. She can engage with any audience because of her direct, yet incredibly vulnerable delivery. Elizabeth truly cares about helping others find their place in the world and I believe there’s no one better suited in guiding them there than her.

— Dr. Nathan C. Mertens

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Hastings College

Elizabeth Rosinbum spoke to my music education students at Trinity Valley Community College about creating a high-performance culture. Elizabeth delivers insightful, informative content and speaks clearly and with intention. My students found her presentation useful and interesting. I highly recommend Elizabeth as a lecturer.

— Dr. Kenn McSperitt

Director of Athletic Bands

Trinity Valley Community College


Elizabeth Rosinbum’s lectures on “How to Win Jobs and Affect People” and “High Performance Culture” were highly valuable and packed with beneficial material for the saxophone studio at California State University-Fullerton. Weeks after her visit, students and I still found ourselves discussing her priceless gems of advice and experiences, and I am positive the information they all took in will surely help them after they graduate and begin their own professional careers. Elizabeth’s lectures were professional, clear, concise, and engaging, and are applicable to all disciplines. I highly recommend any of them for your studio!

— Dr. John Hallberg

Instructor of Saxophone

California State University - Fullerton

Elizabeth Rosinbum’s workshop on Performance Anxiety was a perfect way to start our fall 2020 semester. She brought to our attention the need for conscious awareness of our inner voice and gave us practical ideas to redirect our thoughts and work through negativity. Her experience and expertise in psychology and music provided us with information necessary to help us to not only overcome performance anxiety but also the stress associated with restrictions during Covid-19. Ms. Rosinbum exuded positive energy and genuine interest in inspiring us to be the best performers that we can be, at any age or stage of development. 

— Dr. Cynthia Cripps

Professor of Woodwinds

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Concert Hall

Elizabeth focuses not only on helping the students to learn to play the saxophone, but also on many other important life lessons, like how to control nervousness, how to hold your head high during disappointments, and how to stick with something even when it’s not easy. She is patient, kind, and has made the middle school band experience truly enjoyable for our daughter.

— Tamra K.


Elizabeth Rosinbum’s private lessons have provided my son with the opportunity to progress quicker and have more fun with the saxophone. Supplementing his school lessons, her warmth and expert teaching skills has been a game changer in his attitude and skills. The results speak for themselves – my son got all ones on his solo presentation, along with glowing feedback. His positive attitude and skills also earned him “Outstanding Woodwind 8th Grade Musician” of the 8th grade saxophonists.

— Carrie V.


You have been such a great influence on Aidan and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. You really pushed him to excel when he didn't want to do the extra work. You have shown him that he is capable of doing more with the saxophone than he realizes.  You have also instilled a love for music and the saxophone that has been such a pleasure to observe as a parent.

— Shannon R.


My son started out in 6th grade band a complete novice, and did not get private lessons for the first few months of school. But as soon as we enrolled him in private lessons with Ms. Rosinbum, his skills took off like a rocket! He went from 9th chair out of 11 saxophones to 3rd chair at the end of the school year. We couldn’t be happier and our son LOVED working with her! Ms. Rosinbum loves the saxophone and she relayed that love of the instrument to our son, which is priceless!

— Michelle W.


Elizabeth brought a great passion for music, the saxophone, and teaching. She has a great attitude and a great sense of humor that helped him really enjoy the work. She cared about his progress, and helped him to continue enjoy playing at a time when he was facing more things in school and other places that competed for his attention. He improved a lot with her guidance, and we felt very fortunate to have found Elizabeth to teach our son.

— Lyle D.


Elizabeth taught my high school-aged son David for two years, and guided him from an uncertain and unsure sax player into an enthusiastic and considerably more serious one. She clearly and supportively set very high goals and standards and worked diligently on helping him prepare for auditions and concerts. Her enthusiasm for the instrument and music is infectious.

— Abby J.


My son Sam has really enjoyed working with you, and has commented that he has learned more with you than any other tutor.

— Michelle B.


Elizabeth is a terrific teacher. Just one year ago, my son didn't know how to play a single note on the saxophone. He has learned so much and grown in his love of playing, in large part due to her instruction. I'm so glad we found Elizabeth and that she is willing to share her time and talent with her students!

— Janelle B.


Ms. Elizabeth is a very amazing, loving teacher who really cares for her students.  For the last two years, Rachel, my daughter, enjoyed and looked forward having her lessons every week.  She was very sweet to begin with. She is very consistent, always on time, and was always available for me and my daughter.  One day, I remember receiving an email from her regarding my daughter who was considering about quitting band.  While I was reading her email I could see her caring heart for Rachel. It warmed my heart and I thanked God for giving Ms. Elizabeth as my daughter’s teacher.  She saw my daughter's talents and wanted to see if my daughter could try one more year at the band. I am so glad Rachel got the opportunity to experience band for another year. Rachel had another wonderful year in band as first chair in symphonic band.  Her playing skill improved so much, it so pleasant to hear her play. I give much credit to Ms. Elizabeth and I am so thankful to have her as my daughter's Saxophone teacher for the last two years.  If anyone needs a Saxophone teacher, I can't think of anyone else but Ms. Elizabeth!!! Thank you SO much again for teaching my daughter. We really truly appreciate you!! 

— Jina C.


We love having Mrs. Rosinbum work with our students.  She really works to address the fundamental aspects of their playing which makes future learning more efficient; and she accomplishes this in a warm way but with high expectations.  The kids know they have  to work but are glad to.

— Kevin Crawford

Head Band Director

Hopewell Middle School

Thanks so much for working your magic (expertise) on my student's solo...it sounded so much better and in tune!!! I see major improvement in my Alto Sax section that stays consistent throughout the year.

— David Contreras

Head Band Director

Travis High School

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information! I found myself already applying several principles that you discussed in the lessons I taught right after your presentation, and I benefited SO MUCH from your networking tips! Networking is something that's so important in the music world but nobody ever helps us learn to do it. I'm looking forward to using some of your tips and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to meet people!

— Braeden W.

Music Education and Performance Major, Oklahoma State University


Mrs. Rosinbum is very patient and helps me in the areas that I struggle with. She is kind and dedicated - I am a better saxophonist because of her.

— Akshay V.

Private student

Ms. Rosinbum is an amazing private lesson teacher. She really pushed me to play and do my best. She was always very caring and fun. In lessons before playing, she would always ask how I was doing and what I was working on in band or in school and we would always talk. She also helped me through some hard decisions. I remember in 6th grade when I was having trouble on deciding if I should continue band the next year and she helped me by giving me her thoughts and by supporting either decision. I ended up doing band for another year which was an amazing experience. I got to learn so much more and grew a lot in my playing. I was pushed and challenged in lessons and always learned new things. She has taught me so much and I couldn’t have had a better teacher.

— Rachel C.

Private student

You are truly amazing (in playing and as a teacher) and I enjoyed having lessons with you. Thank you for constant encouragement.

— Seyi O.

Private student

Thanks to Elizabeth I am well on my way to mastering the saxophone, she has helped me better understand the intricacies of producing a pleasing sound on the instrument.  She has helped me along every step of the way.  I look forward to my lessons every week.

— Michael S.

Private student

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