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I'm here to help you grow from an enthusiastic creative to an entrepreneur with multiple job offers and a

thriving career.

You may have

seen me...

Maybe you're a student pursuing a Fine Arts degree and know exactly what you want to do after graduation (#getitqueen).

Maybe the thought of having a 5, 10, and 20 year plan (let alone paying back student loans and affording rent) is simultaneously overwhelming and low-key terrifying.

Welcome, friend!

Either way, I got you!


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What people

The tangible benefits from Ms. Rosinbum's lecture were immeasurable. Students continue to keep in mind insights gained during the talk, and I have unapologetically adapted several key ideas into my own teaching. Her style is engaging, her content is clear and fresh, and her demeanor made it clear that she is primarily interested in PROVIDING A REAL, ACTUAL BENEFIT to studying musicians.

— Dan Gelok

Former Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Houston

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information! I found myself already applying several principles that you discussed in the lessons I taught right after your presentation, and I BENEFITED SO MUCH FROM YOUR NETWORKING TIPS! Networking is something that's so important in the music world but nobody ever helps us learn to do it. I'm looking forward to using some of your tips and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to meet people!

— Braeden Weyhrich

Music Ed and Performance Major

Oklahoma State University

— Nathan C. Mertens

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Hastings College

Over the years, I have had the privilege to hear Elizabeth speak many times over a variety of topics and every time I leave changed. Her KNOWLEDGE, PASSION, AND GENUINE SPIRIT creates an open environment that CHALLENGES AND INSPIRES GROWTH. She can engage with any audience because of her direct, yet incredibly vulnerable delivery. Elizabeth truly cares about helping others find their place in the world and I believe there’s no one better suited in guiding them there than her.

Elizabeth delivers INSIGHTFUL, INFORMATIVE CONTENT and speaks clearly and with intention. My students found her presentation useful and interesting and I highly recommend her.

— Kenn McSperitt

Director of Athletic Bands

Trinity Valley Community College

Thank you for discussing the skills and steps needed in order establish a successful and fulfilling career in music. I value the contribution you brought to all of the music students. And I especially thank you for how practical your advice was. The presentation you gave  allowed me to feel like a fulfilling career is obtainable through daily conversations, investing in people, hard work, and tailoring my career to myself.

— Hannah Bedard

Music Ed and Russian Major

University of Florida


Elizabeth Rosinbum

I'm Elizabeth.


I'm a female-identifying concert saxophonist building up the next generation of exceptional musicians (while snuggling with Holly, my chocolate lab).

Having graduated with advanced degrees in Psychology and Saxophone Performance, I get to perform, teach, and lecture across the U.S. and abroad. I've spent years in the practice room making all sorts of unearthly sounds in an attempt to tame the beasts: my saxophones, and, more importantly, my own self doubt.

I'll let you in on a little secret:

Hi there!

every musician encounters obstacles.

We wrestle with technique, get frustrated figuring out all the complexities and nuance of our instrument, and can easily feel isolated in the process.

Whether you're wanting to master Adolphe Sax's greatest invention, nail your next audition or interview, or start your own multifaceted career, you've come to the right place!