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Visiting Saxophone Mecca

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

In addition to being a ridiculously positive, unfailingly supportive, and compassionate beyond my comprehension, my husband is a World-Class athlete. We're talking 3x/day workouts, three sports (triathlon: swim, bike, and run), and races around the world athlete. He's the bee's knees.

In honor of his invitation to attend the World Paratriathlon Championship in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I tagged along to celebrate his awesomeness. And our 5-year anniversary. But mostly to see him race.

We got to kick around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria together. And of course, no trip within 1,000 miles of Belgium is complete with a visit to Adolphe Sax's hometown of Dinant!

So here we are: Adolphe and I. Look how happy we are! Aww.

Today was foggy, raining, and chilly. But I made it all through the Adolphe Sax museum (which is so tiny I had to double-check we were in the right place), walked across the bridge of saxophone statues, and bought croissants from breakfast using our best French. So thank you, Dinant, you sleepy little town, for housing the brilliant inventor of the saxophone 200 years ago.

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