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The Coolest Gifts They'll Actually Use

Updated: Mar 11

As much as saxophone-themed socks, ties, and t-shirts are appreciated, here are the coolest gifts that students will actually use:

Hercules Alto or Tenor Saxophone Stand

Good for: All Ages

Why it's awesome: Leaving the instrument on a chair, bed, (or, heaven forbid, the floor) during quick breaks can cause damage to the palm and pinky keys. For those brief practice breaks, a stand keeps the instrument safe (and looking extra cool 😎


Mouthpiece Patches

Good for: All Ages

Why it's awesome: A patch keeps your mouthpiece looking new while keeping the top teeth happy. Plus, every time it wears out, you'll know it's time to give the mouthpiece a deep clean.

Bonus: it makes a great stocking stuffer and is easy on your budget


Palm Key Risers

Good for: High School Students*

Why it's awesome: Palm key risers are an easy, inexpensive way to improve hand position. They also protect the palm keys from wear and tear.

*NOTE: palm key risers should only be used with students who have larger hands. Most middle schoolers won't need these yet


Key Leaves

Good for: Students with sticky keys

Why it's awesome: Key Leaves keep the instrument cleaner by venting the E-flat and low C# keys, which normally stay closed, causing bacteria and saliva to build-up in the key cups.

And if you just thought "super gross" 🤢, I agree.

Bonus: the "leaves" can be removed and used individually on all alto, tenor, and baritone saxes.


Gap Cap

Good for: Tenor Saxophones*

Why it's awesome: When in the case, saxophones need the octave mechanism protected (otherwise, it bends).

This little gadget protects the octave mechanism AND vents the instrument body to help keep it clean.

*NOTE: these are also available for alto sax, too, but most students have an end plug as part of their Yamaha YAS-23 instrument rental.



Good for: Alto and Tenor Saxophones Grades 7-12

Why it's awesome: Without getting into the nitty-gritty acoustics, saxophone mutes give the player more control when playing soft, more in-tune low C, B, and B flat, and a slightly more mellow higher register. As a bonus, they can be custom-made in whatever color your love most.


Manhasset Music Stand

Good for: All Ages

Why it's awesome: Wire stands can be real bullies. Sure, they're portable and inexpensive, but if I had a nickel for every wire stand that dumped all my music on the floor during my practice session...

Upgrade to a sturdy, easily adjustable music stand that can hold all your music, including your giant band binder that seems to magically increase in weight over the school year.


Reed Geek "Universal" Tool with Plaque and Gauge Combo

Good for: High School Students

Why it's awesome: Having the availability to make minor adjustments on reeds is a game-changer. A Reed Geek can be used to flatten the table for brand-new reeds, and make adjustments with the rails on reeds that are stuffy or uneven. Plus, there's a TON of videos on how to use this so you know what you're doing.

NOTE: It is not recommended for less mature students since this tool is sharp.


Reed Vitalizer

Good for: All Ages

Why it's awesome: Texas humidity and temperature swings can wreak havoc on reeds. (This is especially true for tenor and bari players: a bigger reed = a bigger warp = a more expensive reed budget).

Keep your reeds in their best shape by changing out your reed vitalizer pack every 3 months.


Mouthpiece Silencer

Good for: All Ages

Why it's awesome: Playing on the mouthpiece is ESSENTIAL for tone development. Unfortunately, many students are reluctant to practice it because it is quite loud.

Save your ears, the sanity of your household, and make your teachers super happy.


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