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        Everything we talk about the saxophone, it's always about being on the margin, working its way in from the outside.

It's on the margin of the orchestra, on the edge of polite society, on the fringe of serious music.

It's a troublemaker and a nonconformist, which is why it represents opportunity and freedom to so many people and why it's the soul of nontraditional music.

Jean-Marie  Londeix

Elizabeth Rosinbum is an accomplished soloist and chamber musician, having performed throughout the United States and Europe. Recent highlights include the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium in Fairfax, Virginia, the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) Conferences in Tempe, Arizona, Norman, Oklahoma, and Lubbock, Texas, the New England Saxophone Symposium in Amherst, Massachusetts, the World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France, and the European University of Saxophone in Gap, France. She has performed with the Austin Saxophone Ensemble since 2017, and currently serves on the board.

Rosinbum was the grand-prize winner of the All-American Music Festival and won third place in the Music Teachers National Association Young Artists Woodwind competition for the state of Arizona. Now on the other side of the table, she serves as a clinician and judge for the Texas Music Educators Association. She also served as an adjudicator for the North American Saxophone Alliance Region III collegiate competition.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a bachelor of music degree in saxophone performance under Lynn Klock and a minor in Psychology. Rosinbum earned her masters from Arizona State University studying saxophone performance with world-renowned saxophonist Timothy McAllister. Her other teachers include Carrie Koffman, Michael Sakash, and jazz saxophonist Jim Allard.

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"Sussurus" by Katherine Bergman

Crystal Alexander-Duckett, baritone saxophone and Elizabeth Rosinbum, alto saxophone

"Build a Fire" by Brett Kroening

I. Cold

II. Kindling

III. Combustion

recorded live at the 2020 North American Saxophone Alliance Conference

Build a Fire - Brett KroeningElizabeth Rosinbum
00:00 / 05:33

"Solus" by R. Christopher Teichler

recorded live at the University of Oklahoma

Solus - R. Christopher TeichlerElizabeth Rosinbum
00:00 / 05:01

"Four Woodland Sketches" by Michael Mikulka 

I: Cantabile

II: Lento

III: Tentatively

IV: Vivace

Jessica Voigt-Page and Elizabeth Rosinbum, soprano saxophones

recorded live at the XVII World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France


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