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Croatian Shenanigans (Croatiananigans!)

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

World Saxophone Congress 18 in the books! I am home now from WSC, which seems strange since I was in Zagreb, Croatia yesterday. Needless to say with the timezone change, I'm not entirely sure what day it is...

So grateful to catch up with people I met back in 2009 (Gap was forever ago!!), hear a whole lot of saxophone, eat far too much gelato, and connect with beautiful people from all around the world. And thank you, sweet friends, for rising early on Friday to hear my 9am lecture on Stage Fright in the pouring rain after a late night, and for coming back at 1pm for a panel discussion on Entrepreneurship with these two angels. Gilly Blair and Nathan Mertens, you are beyond fabulous and it was honor to speak with you both <3.

Not pictured: all of the bread I consumed during the week or the dogs I befriended.

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