Elizabeth Rosinbum is passionate about helping young artists attain their ultimate personal and professional career goals. She specializes in educating collegiate and post-graduate students how to turn their talents into a thriving career.


After her undergraduate studies in Music and Psychology and earning her Master’s Degree in Saxophone Performance, she made it her life’s work to equip young musicians with the invaluable skills needed to succeed in an artistic field, and empower them to jumpstart their careers as professional artists.


Her lectures inspire artists across disciplines to build confidence, create a clear vision for their future, and develop the necessary skills to build a thriving business. 

She has spoken at multiple colleges and universities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, California, and abroad.


Beyond Performance: Creating a Diverse Life as an Artist


After earning a degree in music performance, students often find themselves lost in an unfamiliar job market as freelance musicians. This lecture helps artists not only earn a livable income, but have a successful and rewarding career in avenues beyond performance. After addressing and discrediting teaching stigmas, she provides solutions for artists without an education degree to grow their career. With ideas for creating projects, finding resourceful ways to fill the needs in your community, and tips on how to start and grow successful business ventures, this lecture has something even the seasoned entrepreneur can benefit from.

Creating a Successful Private Studio


"Creating a Successful Private Studio" debunks the myth that performance majors can only become professional gigging musicians. This lecture helps every young artist jumpstart their career by discussing basic business and marketing skills for the creative entrepreneur. With practical steps to build a vast network, establish a teaching base, gain students, and market to a target audience, this presentation covers all the necessary skills to help run a thriving small business.

High-Performance Culture

Well-intentioned and capable teachers often have students with little motivation or dwindling interest in music. This lecture will show how to make a significant difference in the lives of others with five fundamental tenets for fostering a culture of productive, passionate, self-driven students and colleagues. For the teacher with a handful of students to the veteran with a studio of hundreds, this lecture will instill a healthy atmosphere of competition and accountability, skyrocketing the productivity of those around you.

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The Critical Inner Voice: Overcoming Performance Anxiety


“The Critical Inner Voice: Overcoming Performance Anxiety” discusses how to channel nervousness into an asset instead of a liability. This lecture defines, examines, and eliminates the negative thoughts that lead to panic, discusses how to silence the critical inner voice that leads to stage fright, and explains how to get into "the zone" and achieve flow (the relaxed state of mind where the performer is energized and deeply involved in the music while skills are executed automatically). This lecture concludes with a relaxation exercise and Q&A session.

Career Workshop: Build a Thriving Business in Fine Arts

With the changing artistic climate and dwindling of traditional jobs and career paths, it is more vital than ever for artists to create their own opportunities. This workshop explores four challenges musicians are currently facing: finding a career that matches the personal reason for pursuing music, creating outstanding business materials, communication and marketing, and identifying opportunities for growth. From editing a resume, to giving an “elevator speech,” to connecting with your target audience, this workshop has vital information artists of all disciplines may benefit from.

How to Win Jobs and Affect People


With little to no knowledge of how to connect with others and convey the value of our work, it is unsurprising how few musicians understand how to cultivate connections in order to execute their artistic vision. The word "network" itself can elicit discomfort, as it's often associated with disingenuine, salesy behavior. With practical tips to facilitate introductions, build relationships, "work a room," earn funding, and gain the support and recognition of your colleagues and customers alike, this lecture provides the essential reframe needed to grow from an enthusiastic artist to one with multiple job offers and a thriving career.


“Elizabeth Rosinbum presented a fabulous lecture on entrepreneurship, leadership, and private studio organization at the University of Oklahoma during the spring 2019 semester. Her presentation was highly engaging, relevant, and I personally found her to be wonderfully relatable while sharing excellent “real-world” advice and experiences. My students responded extremely favorably, evidenced by the numerous positive conversations that they shared with me after the event. Elizabeth also spent extra time mentoring OU graduate students during her visit with the studio. Without a doubt, Elizabeth’s residency positively impacted my students and the content that she presented will help guide their professional decision making after they graduate.”

Dr. Jonathan Nichol

Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Oklahoma

“The tangible benefits from Ms. Rosinbum's lecture (on performance anxiety) to my studio were immeasurable. Students continue to keep in mind insights gained during the talk, and I have unapologetically adapted several key ideas into my own teaching. Her style is engaging, her content is clear and fresh, and her demeanor made it clear that she is primarily interested in providing a real, actual benefit to studying musicians.”

Dan Gelok

Former Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Houston

“Over the years, I have had the privilege to hear Elizabeth speak many times over a variety of topics and every time I leave changed. Her knowledge, passion, and genuine spirit creates an open environment that challenges and inspires growth. She can engage with any audience because of her direct, yet incredibly vulnerable delivery. Elizabeth truly cares about helping others find their place in the world and I believe there’s no one better suited in guiding them there than her.”

— Dr. Nathan Mertens

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Hastings College

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