How many of you are thoroughly exhausted

by this tired, old LIE?

I see you over there with your second (or third) coffee, oscillating between burn out and practice guilt. 

No matter how many pep talks you hear from your well-meaning teachers, you still struggle with fear of the unknown. You still get anxious on stage, and believe the lie that something is wrong with you. 


"I should be good at this by now," you tell yourself, referring both to stage fright and that one phrase in your solo piece that's still not "there" yet.  

Then you hop on Instagram only to see that an old roommate just won an orchestra job. You're kind of happy for her, but a part of you wonders if the countless hours you've spent in the practice room are enough. You push aside, for the thousandth time, the nagging thought of "what am I going to do with my music degree?"

you're not alone.

Here's where I jump in and tell you:

Elizabeth Rosinbum

What if I told you that your time in your degree, or wherever you are right now, could set you up for a

successful, fulfilling career?

I'm Elizabeth and I've built a portfolio career as a performer, teacher, clinician, and speaker. I'm passionate about helping musicians just like you turn their talents into a thriving, rewarding, and profitable livelihood.


I offer lectures and workshops at colleges across the country about life as a professional musician. From creating a successful private studio, to asking businesses for their support, to finding resourceful ways to fill the needs in your community:


I'm here to help you unleash your inner genius and create a career that is as exciting and dynamic as you are.


What people


Elizabeth's presentation was highly engaging, relevant, and I personally found her to be wonderfully relatable while sharing excellent “real-world” advice and experiences. My students responded extremely favorably, evidenced by the numerous positive conversations that they shared with me after the event. Without a doubt, Elizabeth’s residency positively impacted my students and the content that she presented will help guide their professional decision making after they graduate.

— Jonathan Nichol

Assistant Professor of Saxophone

University of Oklahoma

Elizabeth’s workshop on Performance Anxiety was a perfect way to start our semester. She brought to our attention the need for conscious awareness of our inner voice and gave us practical ideas to redirect our thoughts and work through negativity. Her experience and expertise in psychology and music provided us with information necessary to help us to not only overcome performance anxiety but also the stress associated with restrictions during Covid-19. Ms. Rosinbum exuded positive energy and genuine interest in inspiring us to be the best performers that we can be, at any age or stage of development. 

— Cynthia Cripps

Professor of Woodwinds

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Elizabeth’s lectures were highly valuable and packed with beneficial material. Weeks after her visit, students and I still found ourselves discussing her priceless gems of advice and experiences, and I am positive the information they all took in will surely help them after they graduate and begin their own professional careers. Elizabeth’s lectures were professional, clear, concise, and engaging, and are applicable to all disciplines. I highly recommend them!

— John Hallberg

Instructor of Saxophone

California State University - Fullerton